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Want to join us?


The club membership is currently full.


The Blackwater Wildfowlers Association accepts membership applications from all who wish to enjoy wildfowling on the marshes and foreshore it controls. Newcomers join as Probationary Members before progressing to Full membership, They are required to be accompanied by a club guide until considered safe and proficient, at which point they can go out on their own. Probationary Members are entitled to enjoy all the activities of the Association, subject to any restrictions imposed by the Committee.


Members are required to book-in before shooting and file monthly bag returns.


The appropriate level of membership must be in place before commencement of any shooting activity.


In joining the club, members will be undertaking to use only non lead shot over BWA Club marshes, irrespective of quarry species.

Contact us to get in touch with the club regarding a membership enquiry.

Full Membership

Full membership allows the holder to shoot on any of the club marshes and other club permissions. It also includes BASC annual membership at club rates (Eff. Jan 1st). Any duplication of BASC membership already held by a new member is refunded by BASC.


Student Membership

Student membership is available to those in full time education aged 18 or over at time of joining. With BASC Membership as above.


Junior Membership

Junior membership is as above but for individual under 16 at time of joining.


Associate Membership

Associate membership allows the holder to enter any club, EJC or other events and competitions as a BWA member. It does not enable the holder to shoot on club marshes or permissions, except as a guest. You will need to be invited to shoot on club marshes and permissions by a full member and according to prevailing club rules. Associate membership also includes the appropriate BASC membership as above.

2020/2021 Season BWA Subscriptions

Full Member - £230

Student Member - £60

Junior Member - £40

Associate Member - £75

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